Zhe (Shirley) Chen

Email: chenzhe (at) umich (dot) edu

2260 Hayward Street
4957 Computer Science Division
Department of EECS
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121

I am currently working at Two Sigma Investments.

I have graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I was a member of the Michigan Database Group, working with Professor Michael Cafarella. My research focuses on data mining and machine learning.

I earned my Bachelor's degree from the School of Information, Renmin University of China in 2010. I worked with Dr. Zaiqing Nie at Microsoft Research Asia in my senior year. I also interned in Microsoft R&D China in 2009, Google Research in 2012 summer, and Tableau Research in 2015 summer.

Recent News

The demo video for our diagram search engine, DiagramFlyer, is online now! Check it out!

Our spreadsheet project website is at: Senbazuru

We have released the code of the frame finder for the Senbazuru project! Please check it out: GitHub

The demo video for Senabzuru spreadsheet extraction is finally online now! Please check it out: Demo


Information Extraction on Para-relational Data
Zhe Chen
PhD Dissertation, 2016

Long-tail Vocabulary Dictionary Extraction from the Web
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella, H. V. Jagadish
In WSDM, San Fransico, 2016 (Acceptance Rate:18.2%)

EgoSet: Exploiting Word Ego-networks and User-generated Ontology for Multifaceted Set Expansion
Xin Rong, Zhe Chen, Qiaozhu Mei, and Eytan Adar
In WSDM, San Fransico, 2016 (Acceptance Rate:18.2%)

DiagramFlyer: A Search Engine for Data-Driven Diagrams [Video] [Poster]
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella, Eytan Adar
In WWW Demo, Florence, Italy, 2015

Integrating Spreadsheet Data via Accurate and Low-Effort Extraction [Slides] [Poster]
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella
In KDD, New York. 2014.(Acceptance Rate:14.6%)

Senbazuru: A Prototype Spreadsheet Database Management System [Poster] [Video]
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella, Jun Chen, Daniel Prevo, Junfeng Zhuang
In VLDB Demo, Trento, Italy. 2013

Automatic Web Spreadsheet Data Extraction [Slides]
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella
In VLDB Workshop on Semantic Search over the Web, Trento, Italy. 2013

Searching for Statistical Diagrams
Shirley Zhe Chen, Michael J. Cafarella, and Eytan Adar
In Frontiers of Engineering, National Academy of Engineering, Washington DC, 2012.

Technical Report

A Semiautomatic Approach for Accurate and Low-Effort Spreadsheet Data Extraction
Zhe Chen, Michael Cafarella
University of Michigan Technical Report, CSE-TR-585-14

Spreadsheet Property Detection With Rule-assistedActive Learning
Zhe Chen, Xin Rong, Sasha Dadiomov, Richard Wesley, Gang Xiao, Daniel Cory, Michael Cafarella, Jock Mackinlay
University of Michigan Technical Report, CSE-TR-601-16